About Us

EBE is one of the companies industry leader

EBE is a multidisciplinary company in the sector of special lots attached to buildings and public works, with more than 25 years of experience, it guarantees you foolproof solutions.
Since 1994, the EBE has been attacking the field of Electricity, Fire Safety and Automatic Fire Extinguishing, of which it is classified by the state among the leaders in these fields (Approvals with unlimited ceilings).

In 2011, Mr. Brahem Abdelfatteh  , its founder, decided to expand the scope of the company’s activity in order to improve its service and its competitiveness. EBE integrated various compatible and complementary trades ensuring a product that is not only competitive but in line with the expectations of the various public and private sector markets:

Fire safety
After-sales service

Today we are certain that our company with its activities, its structure and its highly qualified teams, allow us to go beyond our borders.

‘Our mission goes far beyond offering expert and complete products of excellence (in our multidisciplinary activities). Deeply rooted in the culture of our company, the spirit of partnership unites all our employees to accompany you in the success of your projects in compliance with the regulations, the rules of the trade and the standards in force. 

Always better satisfy your requirements by innovative solutions adapted and personalized services is one of our first concerns. ”

The founder

Abdelfatteh BRAHEM

What we stand for

Over time, we have put in place some values that we are convinced have set us on the path to success:

  • Audacity: the tendency to dare, to step out of one’s comfort zone to carry out difficult projects
  • Respect: respecting other staff members as well as individual clients
  • Sharing: sharing successes and failures, cooperating;
  • Commitment: to commit to a project, a mission, to be involved in what we do;
  • Innovation: always pushing innovation, ideas and novelties further.
  • Integrity, quality, proximity, benevolence, etc.

Team of Experts

our engineers and technicians specialized in electricity, Certified 2nd degree fire safety, BIM.

Objective achieved

Project Executed and delivered on time

Our certificates

They trusted us