Fire safety Department

Security Department

A department based on our B4 category 5 unlimited approval. Our fire safety department ensures the safety of goods in case of fire. Our mission: the prevention of the fire risk, the training and the sensitization of the personnel of the establishment to the safety rules, the maintenance of the means of fire-fighting.

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The fields of activity
of the department

The mission of this department is to ensure :
  • Compliance with project safety rules
  • Technical forecasting within the framework of regulations.
  • Monitoring control obligations.
  • Employee awareness of safety rules and emergency measures.

Fire and gas detection

Addressable, Conventional, Gas detection

Automatic extinction

CO2, FM200, Water fog, Novec

Fire fighting

RIA network, Water booster, CO2/ABC fire extinguisher

Smoke extraction

Extraction box, Skydome, Extraction duct