Electromechanical Department

Electromechanical Department

A department based on our B2 category 5 unlimited accreditation. This department integrates a versatile team with technical competence and unequaled know-how and backed by equipment and materials adapted to all situations, whatever the configurations and applications envisaged, which is likely to offer you all the possible guarantees of quality, reliability and operating efficiency.

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The field of activities of this department

 This department can be found in all sectors of activity: construction, industry, electrical production, etc. Our team intervenes to plan and organize a production system, ensure quality management, and maintain the reliability and safety of equipment.

Strong current

    Transformer station
    Generator set
    ASI inverter
    Public lighting
    Electrical cabinets
    Distribution of electrical energy

Low current

    Video surveillance and alarm
    Computer telephony network
    Access control